About Us

Somesh buildtech pvt ltd is formerly Somesh Associates. Its scope of work is to provide customized solutions for a variety of geotechnical and ground water problem.
From its office in Gurugram (India) SBPL offers its services to the construction industries infrastructure Projects, industrial Plants for underground structure.
SBPL is capable of solving many different geotechnical problems using advance technologies and know how. The main focus is the support for deep excavation by providing soldier pile wall, sheet pile wall, soilCrete sealing wall, and ground water control and pilled Foundations.


Somesh Buildtech private limited provides specialized contracting services.

  • Designing, installation, commissioning, operatation and maintainance of ground water control Projects.
  • Providing, installation & constructing ,Bored-Cast-in-Situ Soldier piles, ISMB Soldier pile wall to support deep excavation.
  • soilcrete sealing wall for slope stabilization.
  • Providing, installation and construction of Piled Foundations.
  • Rock Drilling with DTH For tubewells ,Ground Anchors.
  • Retrieval of ISMB Soldier pile wall after the construction of underground structure.
  • All type of steel structure and Fabrication work.
  • All Types of Civil Construction work
  • List of Plant and equipment:-

    01.DTH rigs for rock drilling for tubewell, soldier pile and ground anchors.

    02. Truck mounted Rotory rigs for bored pile in soil stratum

    03. Portable Rotory rigs for drilling in soil for bored pile used in tight space and deep Spaces.

    04. Pressure cement grouting unit.

    05. All Fabrication machineries units.

    06. A fleets of pumps like- submersible pumps, monoblock pumps, sump pump for dewatering projects.

    07. Vertical crane for extraction/ retrieval of ISMB Soldier pile.

    08. Manual auger set & boring set.

    09. Air compressor.

    10. Power winch machine for piling.

    11. Roc rig for anchoring work.


    Somesh buildtech Pvt Ltd .has been actively engaged project in Delhi and NCR for the last Fifteen years and has a excellent track record for commitment towards its clients .

    List of work in hand and completed in last three years :-

    01. Boring and installation of soldier pile ISMB 750 at kerala School metro Station DMRC project CC-34 Janak puri.

    02. Boring and installation of tubewell for Dewatering System at DMRC project CC-34- Location- Janak Puri and kerala School Station and LS1 Vikas Puri, DDA Park Janak Puri.

    03. Replacment of tubewell comes in the way of tunnel alignment at CC-34 Project at Janak Puri and Vikas Puri

    04. Retrieval of soldier pile ISMB- 450 of 16 Mtrs length with the help ofretrieving machine and hydra crane at maharaja aggarsen Hospital site. Sec.22 Rohini New Delhi.

    05. Boring and installation of soldier pile ISMB 450 at FBD site with ruby Engineers.

    06. Boring and installation of water well (Tubewell) at DMRC Project CC-15 Sarita Vihar at different site.

    07. Boring and installation of soldier pile ISMB 400 at DMRC Project CC- 15 at Jamia Nagr Station to support deep excavation. For the construction of pile cap for Afcons Infra structure Limited.

    08. Boring and installation of Soldier pile at NDMC 3560 Project Connaught circus project with Afcons.

    09. Bored and cost-in-situ Piling work at casting yard sarita vihar,DTL Sarai Kale Khan DMRC project. 3561 CC-15 for installation of batching plant and sylo. Under Afcons.

    10. Boring and installation of soldier pile ISMB 450 at underground car parking MCD project under indigo engineers. At Kalkaji and New Friends Colony with Rotory rigs.

    11. Boring and driving of pipe piling 300mm dia with DTH for shoring of deep excavation of 15 Mtrs. At underground car parking MCD project Parade ground, Lal Qila New Delhi under SMS engineering.

    12. Bored and cost-in- situ Piling of 600mm dia with Rotory rig.to support deep excavation at workhart hospital project site Pitam Pura New Delhi.

    13. Boring and installation of tubewell for Dewatering and installation of Toe pin below 10 Mtrs. Of Ground level to support the sheet pile structure at signature bridge project DTDC project under gammon India Ltd.

    14. Boring and installation of soldier pile ISMB 450 I/C Fabrication of soldier pile at Jagdish Store project Ludhiana (PB) under Vibha interior and infaratech pvt. Ltd.

    15. Boring and installation of pipe piling with DTH rig to support deep excavation at DMRC project CC- 18 Narayna Site under J Kumar.

    16. Boring with DTH rig to confirm rock profile at DMRC project CC-18 Narayna & Dhaula Kuan under L&T.

    17. Soldier pile and dewatering work at DMRC project phase II at INA, Jor bagh, Race course, AIMS station. Under Soma enterprises.

    18.Breaking of Rock with the help of wit DTH to the main pile of 1200mm dia where rock encountered or for socketing in the rock under L&T at DMRC project Dhaula Kuan Site.

    19. Boring and installation of Cast- in- situ- pile of 1200mm dia with DMC method and rig at PWD project DTL Sarai Kale Khan New Delhi.

    20. Dewatering work to facilitate the excavation for const. Of pile cap. at PWD project DTL Sarai Kale Khan for Afcons and L&T.

    21. Dewatering work at uppal- QVC-G99. Gurgaon.

    22. Dewatering work at Burari Site with Partibha. Monzistorium project.

    23.Shoring work at Shivalik Home-2 Noida Extension.

    24. Shoring work at Delhi height Project Kaushambi Ghazibad (UP).

    25. Shoring work at Baba Global Site for VRC Construction Pvt. Ltd.

    26. Shoring & excavation work At Lal kothi Jaipur For Avenue Super Mart.